What a Day Yesterday!! Whoo HOO!!!!

Okay Y’all….I have gorgeous LOCAL non-gmo, organically fed, pastured chicken eggs from SPICEWOOD!!! We have some fresh smoky salsa, fresh baked breads, PEACHES, corn, tomatoes and of course PIES!!!!!!!!! Come see me today for your Father’s Day supplies!!! And…..to all you Daddys out there THE HAPPIEST OF FATHER’S DAYS, from Tomato Happy Hour!IMG_0202 (1)

Ready for Spring in the Market

Started planting all NON-GMO, organic seeds in January waiting for spring! Grow lights what a revelation! The lights make things grow before your very eyes! So of course a greenhouse next winter is inevitable because I am quickly literally GROWING out of my laundry room!

Lunch Today :)

Well….some mornings I wake up and it’s just so amazingly beautiful that the minute sun illuminates

the garden I jump into it….PJ’s and all!   I picked a bunch of herbs and weeded a little.  Have a lot more of that to do…

So inspired by the aroma of the dill I just had to bake up some fresh wild caught Atlantic Salmon for lunch!

Salmon Fillet




Fresh Herbs~dill & chives

Preheat oven to 400 and top salmon with butter pats, salt, herbs and lemon! Bake until done-usually about 10 minutes.

Topped with more herbs!  Made a little salad with mixed baby greens, olive oil & balsamic & topped with some Principe Borghese Tomatoes I also picked this am! DEVINE!  Oh and last but not least added a little lemon Ojai Mayo with a drizzle of Tabasco!

Tomato Happy Hour 5/31/13

WOW! What an incredible week!  Tomato Happy Hour will be going on between 4-6:30 or so today!!!! Have I

got some surprises for y’all!!!  Full on dinner for anyone interested!  Lots of visiting with old

friends and new ones!  The High Quality Gardens are on full throttle and you may pick your own squash today

if you like! So come on out and see us this afternoon!



UPDATED! WHAT an amaaaaazing evening!  Lovely people and our first RESERVATIONS for THH!  🙂

More Satya

Okay this was so sweet… We were babysitting her for the weekend and she was observing me taking tomatoes

from boxes and placing them into barrels.  Keep in mind she was two at this time…So I began to notice she was copying me

putting tomatoes in some other barrels….I thought…AWESOME child labor FREE help :)….It wasn’t until she had

unloaded over 25 lbs. of tomatoes that I noticed her sinking her ONLY two teeth into each and every one…..Kind of

like quality control….I laughed so hard….cut the damaged part away and we went on to make some salsa!