The Time I Caught the Oven on Fire!

Well…a few years ago I had made sooooooo many tomato pies for the market in my little “BUT MIGHTY” 1970’s oven that it may have had a little bit of olive oil spillage going on….so I decided it WAS TIME TO CLEAN THE OVEN!  It was a fancy oven too…it had the whole self-cleaning thing going on … at the push of a 1970’s button I was off to the land of cleaner pastures! Or so I thought…..the rest is GORGEOUS FIREMEN HISTORY!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention….the picture of me talking to the FIRE CHIEF went something like this….Chief….How many smoke alarms do you have? Me…You mean connected? Chief…(Imagine a look of disbelief mixed with a what a dumbass look) 🙂

More Satya

Okay this was so sweet… We were babysitting her for the weekend and she was observing me taking tomatoes

from boxes and placing them into barrels.  Keep in mind she was two at this time…So I began to notice she was copying me

putting tomatoes in some other barrels….I thought…AWESOME child labor FREE help :)….It wasn’t until she had

unloaded over 25 lbs. of tomatoes that I noticed her sinking her ONLY two teeth into each and every one…..Kind of

like quality control….I laughed so hard….cut the damaged part away and we went on to make some salsa!

Granddaughter Helpin’ in the Market

I am so very lucky!  I didn’t get the pleasure of having my own beautiful babies.   Luckily my sweet husband already had four and since our marriage began those four have

created five of the most amazing grand babies! Here is one of them her name is Satya and she loves the market!  This was a few years ago….