Haynie’s Story…One Day at a Time…From the Beginning…May 8, 2011 Born…

It occurred to me yesterday….that this is the first year since 2011 that I haven’t raised a fawn.  I have successfully raised 5 little bucks over the past five years.  It is only now without being consumed with a new one that I FINALLY have the time and brain power to share so many stories, pictures and videos from all of them…Some of which I have never looked at or watched…because I have been so busy with the animals, market, husband etc… So this journey will be as enjoyable for me as I hope it is for all of you…


This is Haynie the day he was born, May 8, 2011, which just happened to be MOTHER’S DAY that year!  


Haynie Summer 2011

First Time in the Sprinkler!  I was taking a shower the night before I shot this video.  I had been leaving the shower door slightly cracked

so he could see me still…..When you are a baby deer’s mama they follow you from the first moment you make contact with them.

So I turn around to rinse the shampoo out of my hair and realize he has just jumped into the shower! Hilarious! Keep in mind it’s a tub and

a shower so it required a bit of a jump on his part.  He played under the water and then after that in the evening he would go jump in

and wait for me to turn on the water!