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  1. Pat Cutrone says:

    Please add me to your Tomato Happy Hour

    1. Kathleen Henderson says:


  2. Donna Cox says:

    Kathleen, tried your okra recipe with chopped okra sauted in olive oil and salt until tender and tossed with red pepper bruschetta. DELICIOUS! What bruschetta was that? The label had fallen off. Also, add me to your e-mail list to receive every notification possible!

  3. Guy and are very grateful to have your garden and market right in our backyard! We are sure our health will benefit from all that we buy from your market because you told us about ALL THE LOVE you put into growing them! Thank you for ALL THE CARING YOU DO!

  4. Mattie Adams, Frederick Graber and Jessica says:

    Kathleen, we are the family who almost skidded off Hwy 71 trying to stop at your roadside tomato happy hour! Despite losing 6 months of rubber on our tires, we are so pleased we doubled back! The herb bread that we hadn’t eaten on the drive home was sliced, topped with mozarella cheese, asparagus and slices of your fabulous heirloom tomatoes then popped in the oven for a delightful appetizer. And then this morning we savored your honey with bread and butter. I only wish you were closer to Volente. Why not have a Traveling Tomato Happy Hour? Grow green my friend— The Grabers

  5. Do you have corn on the cob for sale?

  6. Kathleen trying to click on stuff on your site and page says nothing there? Are you the lady who used to set up and sell down on the left on 71? What are your days and times open? Is your corn non gmo by chance? See you soon! Sue Seward Gluten Free Lady in Spicewood

    1. Kathleen Henderson says:

      Hi and yes that was me!!! Nice to hear from you 🙂 The website appears to be functioning properly as far as I can tell. Can you tell me specifically what is happening so I can tell the tech…

  7. Michael Widler says:

    did you like the lime pickles??? If so call me and I’ll walk you thru a few things about making them. Michael PS: anything about Colorado Peaches yet??

  8. Would you happen to have any fresh eggs? We are having a mens breakfast at church.Thank You !
    512 554 4872

  9. Brenda Collier says:

    Can’t figure out how to email you and want to know if you are doing Tomato Happy Hour this Friday July 8 from 4-6 pm, and what you are cooking? some of are vegetarians and are thinking of coming out. Brenda–the linen shirt lady who comes for tomatoes and peaches and pies 512-680-5401

  10. Please add me to your contact list. Are you serving lunch these days? Do you have tomatoes and peaches?

    1. Yes I have the most gorgeous heirlooms and big fresh peaches right now as well as squash

  11. Janey Richardson says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    This is Janey Richardson. Do you have any pies on hand that I can take to a party tonight? The time is Wednesday at 1:30 so please call me back if you can. Tried to leave a message on your phone but your mailbox is full, girlfriend! My number is 512–413-4035…
    Thanks so much….

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