Tomato Happy Hour 10/14/16…

Would like to thank ALL of you who attended Tomato Happy Hour on this past Friday…Things didn’t turn out EXACTLY as planned but with rescheduling I’m sure we will complete what we’ve started! A special shout out to our newest member of Tomato Happy Hour Market & Gardens….Miss OLIVIA…she is just as beautiful as her name, inside and out, and she is as creative as all get out!  She makes me and Vikki smile every time she comes in…WELCOME! And oh yeah….all these great pics are courtesy of Miss Olivia!



Jill of “Jill’s Bistro” & Kathleen of “Tomato Happy Hour Market & Gardens” are hosting a film crew tomorrow at the Market! We are filming a commercial!!!!!! Please join us! The filming will take place from 3-5 pm and we will continue Tomato Happy Hour until 6pm.

Jill will be serving samples of her famous Marinara sauce with garlic herb bread….Kathleen will be passing around pear, apple, bacon, jalapeño cream cheese tartlets and brie chile pear quesadillas!  White sparkling wine and sparkling cider will also be floating around!  Come One Come All! Come join us and be on the TV!

Ann’s Birthday Celebration-October 3rd @ Tomato Happy Hour Market & Gardens

Every once in a while I encounter folks that touch me in a way unexpected….. This was certainly the case last Friday evening when my friend and customer Ann Marie arranged for her mother and six long time friends to attend a very special Tomato Happy Hour to celebrate her 8oth Birthday. I was very flattered to say the least that after flying all these ladies in for a long weekend of activities that Tomato Happy Hour was among them.
On a very personal note….after a VERY LONG stressful- bring you to your knees -kind of summer dealing with one blow after another and knocking on my 50th birthday at the end of this year it was refreshing, inspiring, comforting and joyful to take in these ladies…
I enjoyed each one for a different reason and realized that 50 is a drop in the bucket… It was more like being at at a 21st Birthday party…Fabulous!
Thank you for teaching me through all of your thoughtful compliments that I am on the right path. I was extremely humbled by all the kind words for my little corner of the world…. I had a blast and I hope you all did….
HAPPIEST of Birthdays Miss Ann and to your lovely thoughtful daughter who was taking in what I later learned was a very special birthday for a number of reasons…I am sure there was one person that was deeply missed….
Love you Ladies and Ann Marie thank you for entrusting me so with this very special family occasion….