Tomato Happy Hour 10/14/16…

Would like to thank ALL of you who attended Tomato Happy Hour on this past Friday…Things didn’t turn out EXACTLY as planned but with rescheduling I’m sure we will complete what we’ve started! A special shout out to our newest member of Tomato Happy Hour Market & Gardens….Miss OLIVIA…she is just as beautiful as her name, inside and out, and she is as creative as all get out!  She makes me and Vikki smile every time she comes in…WELCOME! And oh yeah….all these great pics are courtesy of Miss Olivia!



Jill of “Jill’s Bistro” & Kathleen of “Tomato Happy Hour Market & Gardens” are hosting a film crew tomorrow at the Market! We are filming a commercial!!!!!! Please join us! The filming will take place from 3-5 pm and we will continue Tomato Happy Hour until 6pm.

Jill will be serving samples of her famous Marinara sauce with garlic herb bread….Kathleen will be passing around pear, apple, bacon, jalapeño cream cheese tartlets and brie chile pear quesadillas!  White sparkling wine and sparkling cider will also be floating around!  Come One Come All! Come join us and be on the TV!

“Happy” and Me…

I realized this weekend that I have pictures of Happy with everybody but me….So with some help from Miss Vikki….I have some….:)

Happy’s Latest Escapades…..

Super Bowl 2016 Weekend….

Okay y’all…..I am planning on being open this weekend!!!! I am taking orders now for homemade queso, spinach dip, salsa, fresh garlic herb or french breads, key lime, lemon meringue, double crusted cinnamon apple pies, fresh organically non-gmo fed pasture raised eggs! There will of course be tomatoes etc available but it would help my shopping list today to know what I will need to make for your Super Bowl parties and weekend munching!
Hours Friday-Sunday this weekend will be 10-5 or so! Any questions feel free to contact Kathleen 830-265-0756IMG_0117