As I sit here this am …..been up since 4am because I am so excited to get back outside today….

I am thinking about ALL the beautiful things I so want to share with all of you…I have

SO MUCH CONTENT! Videos, photos etc….of all the deer, little Happy the Lucky Goat, my lovely husband, the market, and of a lot of you! Over the next month I am boning up on movie editing software  and attempting to organize all of this beautiful stuff…SO that I can share it with you and spread lots of smiles….

I have TWO goals in mind!  So much of what happens at the market is so sweet and special and funny and loving and everything in between!

So…my goals I am sharing because I hope it will help me to STAY focused!  Anyone that knows me knows this is not an easy task…

Goal #1 Organize ALL content

Goal #2 Obtain a reasonable amount of knowledge editing video and photos to be able to present to you

my little world in the most entertaining way possible- One….through THE ALL NEW….Tomato Happy Hour Show….and the BOOK y’all know I have been working on for 10  PLUS years!  IT’s time for me to pull all of my work together…

So say a little prayer for me as I embark on this mind numbing journey through thousands of videos, photos etc…more than most people take of their first baby!



Love Kathleen026.JPG

My Daddy’s 76th Birthday is TODAY!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my family….I guess I realizing more and more how quickly time flies by…And…I chose when I went away from home to Arizona for college that I needed to find out who I was and where my place was in the world without any audience or influences…I was very easily led when I was younger and I knew as much as I loved ALL of my family that I wouldn’t be able to grow unless I was completely alone in a place where I knew no one…

This doesn’t mean my folks weren’t there for me they were and are…but for some reason years get in between us because I get so busy and do not fly anymore….And, my mom and her husband live in Charleston SC and my Dad and his wife live in San Diego CA…so they are not exactly close by….

Anyway, where I am going with this is….TIME FLIES!

It’s my Daddy’s 76th Birthday!  I need to see all of you more !!!! I promise to make a greater  effort to do so!

My Dad….He is the reason I have my own business…He has always made me feel SPECIAL SIGNIFICANT SMART BEAUTIFUL and MOST OF ALL like I am capable of doing ANYTHING I can dream up! He is a dreamer-my FAVORITE dreamer in all the world! But not just a dreamer he is A DOER! He has taught me how to gracefully handle failure and ALWAYS turn in into something else! That’s why failing doesn’t scare me and why expressing myself and what’s in my heart has always felt so right to me…Because I have ALWAYS known he would love me anyway NO MATTER WHAT! How many people can you REALLY say this about and MEAN IT!  I am the luckiest woman and little girl in the WORLD because of my Daddy! I love you Daddy with all of my heart !!! I wish I were with you today to CELEBRATE with you and eat some Rocky Road ice cream! Thank you for the life I have “because you loved me”!

Tomato Happy Hour 10/14/16…

Would like to thank ALL of you who attended Tomato Happy Hour on this past Friday…Things didn’t turn out EXACTLY as planned but with rescheduling I’m sure we will complete what we’ve started! A special shout out to our newest member of Tomato Happy Hour Market & Gardens….Miss OLIVIA…she is just as beautiful as her name, inside and out, and she is as creative as all get out!  She makes me and Vikki smile every time she comes in…WELCOME! And oh yeah….all these great pics are courtesy of Miss Olivia!