As I sit here this am …..been up since 4am because I am so excited to get back outside today….

I am thinking about ALL the beautiful things I so want to share with all of you…I have

SO MUCH CONTENT! Videos, photos etc….of all the deer, little Happy the Lucky Goat, my lovely husband, the market, and of a lot of you! Over the next month I am boning up on movie editing software  and attempting to organize all of this beautiful stuff…SO that I can share it with you and spread lots of smiles….

I have TWO goals in mind!  So much of what happens at the market is so sweet and special and funny and loving and everything in between!

So…my goals I am sharing because I hope it will help me to STAY focused!  Anyone that knows me knows this is not an easy task…

Goal #1 Organize ALL content

Goal #2 Obtain a reasonable amount of knowledge editing video and photos to be able to present to you

my little world in the most entertaining way possible- One….through THE ALL NEW….Tomato Happy Hour Show….and the BOOK y’all know I have been working on for 10  PLUS years!  IT’s time for me to pull all of my work together…

So say a little prayer for me as I embark on this mind numbing journey through thousands of videos, photos etc…more than most people take of their first baby!



Love Kathleen026.JPG