The Time I Caught the Oven on Fire!


Well…a few years ago I had made sooooooo many tomato pies for the market in my little “BUT MIGHTY” 1970’s oven that it may have had a little bit of olive oil spillage going on….so I decided it WAS TIME TO CLEAN THE OVEN!  It was a fancy oven too…it had the whole self-cleaning thing going on … at the push of a 1970’s button I was off to the land of cleaner pastures! Or so I thought…..the rest is GORGEOUS FIREMEN HISTORY!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention….the picture of me talking to the FIRE CHIEF went something like this….Chief….How many smoke alarms do you have? Me…You mean connected? Chief…(Imagine a look of disbelief mixed with a what a dumbass look) 🙂

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