Sowing Seeds…

It is often said “You reap what you sow”. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…why bad things happen to good people and the reverse…I have come to the conclusion that the bounds of our happiness counteracts with the depths of our sadnesses…
Therefore…JOY is a direct result of SORROW experienced at some point…or something like that…I think to take something really difficult we experience and somehow make it into something good is when we are at our best…
This is something I’ve been working HARD on for the last almost 2 years….more on that later…
For now…CORN…non-gmo organic corn! One is specifically grown and dried for popcorn!!!
Never grown corn…except maybe once and something ate it when it was a foot tall…Got a plan this time!

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  1. Build a tall fence around the area you plan to plant the corn!!! 🙂 Cleta

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