Blackberries and the Knob….


My dad has been in the hospital in San Diego the past two days trying to get a handle on a breathing problem that came out of nowhere…

As I sit at my desk this am thinking about the day to come and all that I want to accomplish….I am reminded everywhere I look of my  father’s love….He is the reason I have the confidence to try anything…at least once…..He has believed in me since the day I hit the ground and I have always known this….What an incredible gift that is….

A few years ago…when we were still living on Haynie Flat Road…my Dad was messing around with me in the market…which was in the front yard of a 50 year old house by the way…but you would think I had built a 50 ft skyscraper with my name on it by the look of pride he had looking at my little handmade market….

Anyways…he saw me struggling with trying to keep the blackberries I had for sale cool in the heat.  They were in coolers and the problem was that my customers needed the visual of the berries without having to constantly open the cooler….So my Dad disappeared for a while and when he came back from Lowes he had two knobs that had been attached just so… to two pieces of plexiglass…cut just so…and when he took the lids off the two coolers and replaced them with the clear plexiglass with the pretty painted knobs it was perfect…

That’s my Dad ….brilliant in business…always thinking….always loving his daughter with every move…

So that was about six years ago now….the plexiglass and coolers are long gone…but a few months ago while redoing a room in our new home for my office I came across one of the knobs…and I knew just what to do with it…

It is in front of me now…and is…every time I sit at my computer and write something I can look down and feel the love my father has for me…as I look at the pretty painted knob on the desk drawer…

Different from all the other knobs in the room….Just like my Dad…different from all the others in the room….

I love you Daddy….I am about to call the hospital to check on your progress …..I hope to see  you soon….

JLYL1333I will go out in my market today and make you proud of me…I will try and inspire people to do what makes them happy….like I get to do…I will try and add sunshine to their day…and be the woman you taught me to be…

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  1. Bill Shewbart says:

    What a beautiful post about your Father. Thank you for sharing that story. I have seen that plexiglass lid on the cooler, years ago. Didn’t realize it has been 6 years. I just read this storytoKaren and we are both sending thoughts and prayers to your Dad. Karen was cutting up your tomatoes as I read, by the way.

  2. Connie Macy says:

    Oh Kathleen, what a talent of words you have! Your Dad is proud.

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