Catch Up Summer 2013

So ….2013 was an amazing year for the market….Busiest it had ever been on Haynie Flat Road…Then something happened that would change our course in the most spectacular way. I had lunch with a friend and I was lamenting not being able to purchase the ten acres we had been living on because of the price. My friend immediately told me of a house that I had been quite fond of and knew the lady that owned it. She had gone into assisted living and her name was Irene. I had gotten to know her last year when working on another project called Wild River Farms….Anyway, SUPER LONG STORY, but the house was not listed and we had a contract immediately and moved at the end of July.

Now these pics are the last ones I took of Haynie Flat Rd. house which is just a few miles from where we are now. (see updated directions to the new place to the right of the blog) SO the house looks so sad and lonely now…. The red deer was another long story. She escaped from a ranch down the street this summer and a friend and I rounded her up and got her home where her hungry calf was waiting!

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