Lunch Today :)

Well….some mornings I wake up and it’s just so amazingly beautiful that the minute sun illuminates

the garden I jump into it….PJ’s and all!   I picked a bunch of herbs and weeded a little.  Have a lot more of that to do…

So inspired by the aroma of the dill I just had to bake up some fresh wild caught Atlantic Salmon for lunch!

Salmon Fillet




Fresh Herbs~dill & chives

Preheat oven to 400 and top salmon with butter pats, salt, herbs and lemon! Bake until done-usually about 10 minutes.

Topped with more herbs!  Made a little salad with mixed baby greens, olive oil & balsamic & topped with some Principe Borghese Tomatoes I also picked this am! DEVINE!  Oh and last but not least added a little lemon Ojai Mayo with a drizzle of Tabasco!

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