Seared Bourbon Smoked Paprika Sea Scallops


Yesterday after all the chainsaw business and busy market selling lots of tomatoes I was starving.  I had what should have been enough sea scallops for two but I figured I earned it. So I cooked them all up!


Sea Scallops (remove the foot from each, it’s the little piece that is kind of clinging to the edge & it is tough)  Rinse scallops and pat dry thoroughly.

Seasoning  of your choice, I chose Smoked Bourbon Paprika-Whole Foods carries it-a little sea salt too

Fresh Herbs from your garden preferably


Lemon (here’s one of the best tips I was ever given, wash a whole organic lemon and place in a plastic zip bag in freezer, then any time you need to add a lemony zest to something just whip out the grater and have at it !

Oven set to broil-place scallops in little baking dish with the butter, salt, lemon & your seasoning of choice.  Takes about 4 minutes per side depending on you oven.  Wash herbs and chop (I used dill & parsley)  When done transfer to plate garnish with herbs and grate a little more lemon over the top.  You will find yourself grating lemon over pastas, potatoes, chicken and most everything!!! ENJOY!

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