Field Mouse Living in My Car

Okay…so no visual on this….but turns out you you can release a mouse safely from a glue trap with vegetable oil!  I learned this 2 nights ago when I

set a non-toxic glue trap on the floor of my car.  A day earlier I was going to run an errand and noticed that a big bite had been taken out of a

tomato on the front seat…(a story for another time)…So I set the trap…Not one to kill anything, I discovered the mouse stuck to the trap as promised,

lifted the trap with tongs and carefully placed it in a pot with a clear lid….one teaspoon of vegetable oil later…VOILA!

Be very careful though you don’t want to be bitten by the mouse so handle carefully!  The lid is so when the mouse works its way

off of the trap he can move quickly and it only took about 30 seconds for this one to do it…. Relocated it across the street in the woods…be careful

when releasing too because they tend to jump right out of the container once the lid is removed.

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