Tomato Happy Hour


Well, It was funny I didn’t get around to sending out the email to everyone

about Tomato Happy Hour starting until 10 minutes before it was supposed to start…

I was just behind all day yesterday….Anyway…Anyone that comes regularly

will tell you that I am always running around when they start to get here

trying to get the food out etc….Of course last night I was ready by 3:30 and

even had make up on for a change….So I sat outside and started painting

some signs for the garden and all the sudden it was 5:45 and no people, this

happens every now and then, so I realized I was tired anyway and got up

popped a dvd in and sat down….Then some people showed up….in five seconds

I snapped out of being tired to wired and enjoyed the new group I got to meet, Vonnie, Ginger & Randy!

And….of course two of my friends Sara, Dick  & Jeannie! Thanks for coming I enjoyed of

the company!!!  We nibbled on faux fried green tomato pie & roasted garlic hummus.IMG_2542 IMG_2538

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  1. Mary Kay Freeman Falkner says:

    Tell me next time at least 2 days in advance. I’ll be there for ya kid!

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